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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jigsaw Cookie Cutter 2

I printed out the cookie cutter and learnt a few things:

  • It would be better to print upside down because the bottom layer on the heated build platform tends to be squashed and as such doesn't make a good cutting edge
  • The cutter is too small for a good sized cookie (yum, cookies...)
  • The edge at 1.5mm is way too thick and according to a cook I asked, not good for making cookies
Also, a tip to anyone doing printing of objects that have thin walls with a fill in between: print from SD Card! If you ever see a zigzag fill going on in the output of Skeinforge between two walls that translates to a whole load of GCode and the serial link is just not fast enough. As a result, your walls are going to get over full and pudding out. Using the SD Card will give you a zippy fill.

So, now I've redesigned my cookie cutter to have really thin walls. In fact it's 67 layers, one layer thick! Let's see how that prints out!
Screen shot from netfabb showing the new STL file. I use netfabb for quick and dirty STL file fixing. It is very good at it.

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