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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Space X made it and so can you (not) with this rocket! I designed this because I wanted to try out different shaped rockets and see which flew the best. I'm a bit stymied right now though because the rocket isn't airtight enough! It's quite tight, but in order to build up enough pressure to take off I think it needs to be really airtight. I've got some theories about how to improve it, but right now the 3D printing is leaving little holes in the build.

Rocket Fuel
This rocket doesn't burn Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellantkerosene or liquid hydrogen. No this uses the power of Arm and Hammer along with vinegar as an oxidizer (correct?). I've had a lot of experience with this fuel mixture resulting in a lot of frothed upon clothes, heads and hands. It's simple and fun but when the explosion goes off with you around you end up smelling like a Fish & Chip shop!

Next Steps
The rocket printed out well and a lot of people like the design. It could almost do just as a toy, although I need to trip the fins to be less pointy. What I need to do next is get the rocket airtight. My plan is to print an inner combustion chamber that is a simple cylinder. Based on previous prints of this shape it ends up very airtight. This will either fit into an expanded rocket shape, or maybe part of the design. Back to the drawing board!

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